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The Law Offices of Brian M. Carroll, P.A. handles exclusively criminal cases in South Florida. We only take on cases and clients that we know we can help and know we can provide exceptional legal defense to. When you are facing a criminal charge the lawyer you hire is an important decision that can often impact the outcome of your case. It’s important to hire an attorney who not only has the experience to handle your legal matter but also takes the time to handle your case personally and professionally. We simply don’t take on more cases than we can handle or more clients than we can make ourselves available to. We are dedicated to the art of defending criminal cases while providing top notch legal defense.

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Relentless Defense

We are always willing to fight for our clients against the government. The prosecutors have resources at their disposal and are willing to use those resources and legal knowledge to convict you and often times send you to jail away from your family. You need an attorney who is willing to fight back and also has the resources and legal knowledge to defend you and assert your rights. Not every attorney has experience doing trials and fighting cases, some just want to work your case out in the most expedient manner. Attorney Brian Carroll has experience fighting cases via trials and motions and simply is not afraid to fight for you in the courtroom. We provide a relentless defense to criminal cases here in South Florida based on our willingness to fight and our skills in the courtroom. This approach has gained the respect of local attorney and judges. We encourage you to give us a call to discuss our approach to defending criminal cases and our experience with cases like your

Trials and motion are not always appropriate in every case. Sometimes it’s in your interest to negotiate a resolution to your legal matter that is in the interest of all parties. State Attorney’s Offices often offer Diversion Programs as a way to get your case dismissed, and other agreements that can a favorable outcome. Having an experienced attorney who can identify the strengths and weakness of your case and offer candid and accurate advice is absolutely crucial to your case. Not every case is appropriate for trial or fighting in a courtroom and some are best left to be negotiated between the parties. Our Firm realizes this and always makes sure to keep professional relationships with the other parties so that we can keep all options on the table. Our approach to defending criminal cases is aggressive and relentless, but it’s also sensible, and you need a sensible attorney leading your defense.
We are not only committed to providing exceptional legal representation on criminal cases but we’re also committed to providing the a superior level of customer service and satisfaction in what we do. From our first consultation to the close of your case, your case will always be treated professionally and you will be updated with what is going in the legal system. When you call our office you will speak with the same attorney who knows your case and has been handling your case from when you first hired us. Your phone calls will always be returned, your questions will always get answered, and we are always willing to schedule a meeting to discuss with you.
Some lawyers just want you to hire them and then close your case out as quickly as possible. We are a results driven Law Firm and want a good result for your case. We take pride in our results and will work to get you an objectively good result to your case.

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Brian M. Carroll, ESQ.

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I am an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney here in South Florida. I have been appearing in courtrooms on behalf of clients charged with various offenses since I was in law school. I’m a former public defender and have represented thousands of clients charged with pretty much everything you can and can’t think of. I have handled cases in counties all over the State of Florida with a track record of success in obtaining favorable outcomes for my clients. I take what I do very seriously and work hard for my clients. I get to know my cases and my clients on a personal level and work hard to obtain good results while providing top notch legal representation. I have extensive experience doing trial, appellate, and post-conviction work. I also have extensive experience handling Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders. I welcome all phone calls and emails from anybody who thinks they might need an attorney.


Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Juris Doctor, with honors

Concentration: Criminal Defense and Litigation

Wake Forest University, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Government